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EMA+ Smart City

Smart City EMA+

Industry solution supporting smart city administration in the field of public lighting management.

What you cannot measure,
you cannot manage.

Key features of Smart City EMA+

Register of public lighting

Management of technical records and hierarchy of lighting units, switchboards, grouping them into groups, placement on public areas, operating book of objects, drawings and map data, photos, summary information.

Administration of operational statuses

Colour visualization of equipment statuses in maps, monitoring of the life cycle of alarms from their origin to their silencing or cancellation, statuses of individual PLC inputs and outputs, records of switching contacts on/off and other notifications for users.


Support for creating and running time schedules for the operation of lighting units in different lighting modes. Planning nighttime attenuations on stabilizers. Simple graphical setup of time schedule for a given day.

Alarms and statuses

Summary of current alarms on the portal dashboard including colour visualization. Set-up of notifications for new alarms. Up-to-date information about equipment and its communication status, I/O status, including colour visualization on the dashboard and in maps.

Repeated activities and operational maintenance

Register of dates and deadlines of service intervals, inspections and operational checks of installed equipment and technologies. Support of creating requests for operational maintenance, including approval process and monitoring of request implementation.

Operating books and documentation

Keeping operational books for equipment with an overview of planned and operational activities according to the applicable legislation, conclusive fulfilment of legal obligations in relation to decrees and standards. Overview and administration of all documents in one place, quick access to documents, transparent sorting by document types.

Analyses and overviews

Visualization of KPI value development, overviews of energy intensity and consumption over time, individualized dashboards.

Integration into control systems

Support for automated loading of equipment operating statuses from control systems.

Mobile app for Smart City EMA+

Smart City EMA+ EN

It is used for entry, implementation and evaluation of maintenance and repair requests by field technicians and effective remote management of work from anywhere.


Serves for entry of readings in the field, finds out basic information about the intake, incident recording options, and intake notes. Electricity, water, gas or heat, Ema can work with all common kinds of energy.

EMA+ editions for real estate and facility management

Energy management

A comprehensive tool for monitoring and evaluating consumption of all kinds of energy for the purpose of their efficient management.

Facility management

A comprehensive tool for efficient online administration and management of assets through an efficient cloud solution. It provides asset data online, in one place, and in real time.

Maintenance management

Comprehensive tool for efficient online maintenance of machines and equipment and effective management of work remotely and from anywhere.

Lease management

A simple tool for efficient online administration and management of lease relations within commercial and residential portfolios.

Industry solution

Technical and Operational Information System

Industry solution for supporting the management of the technical and operational field within health care.

Business contact

Ing. Michal Tesařík, MBA
+420 724 444 451


tř. Kosmonautů 1288/1, Olomouc
tel. 587 333 405